About Us

North Carolina Hummingbird Research

Mission and History

  • Non-profit thru North Carolina Museum of Natural Science Friends
  • It is dedicated to the study and preservation of hummingbirds. The research programs for hummingbirds has been under way since 1999.
  • Our federally required permits as well as state permits authorize us to capture and band hummingbirds across the state. All of the banding activities are monitored by the United States Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division, Bird Banding Laboratory.  (note: we are also authorized to band neotropical migrants and other songbirds in accordance with our defined research programs)

Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell is a resident of the Sandhills region of North Carolina who has been conducting hummingbird research across the state since 1999.  She not only bands hummingbirds year round in North Carolina but amasses photographs and significant observations relating to hummingbirds from the mountains to the coast.  Susan is an affiliate of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (Raleigh). Click here to contact Susan

Susan is a licensed hummingbird bander and lead hummingbird researcher in North Carolina. She has been working with hummingbirds for over 15 years as research affiliate with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Having banded over 4000 hummingbirds around the state, Susan has insight into the distribution, movements and ecology of North Carolina’s smallest bird species. In addition to her research, Susan is a Seasonal Naturalist with NC State Parks and is an educator as well as a writer who has regular columns in a variety of publications. She has been involved with other large annual hummingbird events around the state such as Wild Wings at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden (Belmont) and the Hummingbird Festival (Charlotte). You may have seen Susan working with her tiny subjects as part of the very first episode of “Exploring North Carolina” on PBS.

Dwayne Martin

Dwayne Martin has been a park ranger for Catawba County Parks since 2003. He has been banding hummingbirds since 2007. His hummingbird work is mainly with Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at Riverbend Park in northern Catawba County and also with wintering hummingbirds in north western NC.