Plants To Attract Hummingbirds in North Carolina

The listed varieties have brightly colored flowers. Most are sun lovers and bloom prolifically in summer.


Hummingbird on Pineapple Sage
  • Anise-scented sage, (Salvia guaranitica):  many varieties, blooms spring to frost, ‘Black and Blue’ spreads
  • Van Houttei’s sage (Salvia splendens ‘van Houttei’):  several colors, more flowers in late summer, shade tolerant
  • Pineapple sage (Salvia elegans):  late blooming, fragrant foliage, draws winter birds
  • Cherry Chief, Cherry Queen, etc. (Salvia greggii):  more compact plant, can be found in a variety of reds as well as pink and white
  • Turk’s cap (Malvaviscus drummondii):  unusual blooms
  • Cigar plant (Cuphea spp.):  ‘David Verity’ best
  • Trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans):  native vine
  • Butterfly bush (Buddleia):  many colors available
  • Lantana (Lantana spp.):  ‘Miss Huff’ best


  • Texas sage, pink or red (Salvia coccinea):  reseeds itself with abandon
  • Morning glory (Ipomoeas pp.):  ‘Cypress vine’” best (reseeds), or ‘Cardinal climber’
  • Mexican sunflower (Tithonia):  seed-eating birds love this too
  • Impatiens (Impatiens):  many varieties; shade tolerant, native ’Jewelweed’ best

Sources for Plants for Hummingbirds and Butterflies

  • Your Local Nursery
  • Big Bloomers Flower Farm
  • Sandy Mush Herb Nursery
    Rt. 2 Surrett Cove Rd., Leicester, NC 28748
  • Woodlanders, Inc. $2.00
    1128 Colleton Ave., Aiken, SC 29801
    Tel & Fax (803) 648-7522
  • Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.
    9241 Sauls Rd., Raleigh, NC 27603
    Tel (919) 772-4794 / Fax (919) 662-0370
  • Sheperd’s Garden Seeds
    30 Irene Street, Torrington, CT 06790
    Tel (860) 482-3638 / Tel (919) 772-4794
  • Busse Gardens
    5873 Oliver Ave. SW, Cokato, MN 55321-4229
    Tel (800) 544-3192
  • Park Seed Co.
    Hwy. 254 N . Greenwood, SC 29647
    Tel (800) 845-3369